NetRN Privacy and Spam Policy


NetRN has the utmost respect for your privacy while visiting here. NetRN does not use pop-ups, spyware, browser hijackers or any other known malware. We cannot however, guarantee that the sites we link to are free of those entities. We have attempted to include only links that do not use spyware, drive by downloads, pop-ups or other annoyances. If you find a link which leads to a site with objectionable content, please email me and I will review and remove it.

We do have affiliate ads which, if you click them, will place a cookie on your computer. The affiliate merchants also have privacy policies and we encourage you to review them before placing orders. We have carefully chosen the affiliate merchants with good reputations, secure ordering and privacy policies. If you find anything otherwise when you visit any of our merchants, please email me immediately.

When you visit NetRN our web stats do record your IP address, your browser and operating system and the pages you visit. None of these are personally identifiable to you. Every website you visit records the same information. You can prevent this information from being recorded by using a proxy or anonymizer service. For more information see my Computing Topics page.

Updated 08-25-04: If you visit Suzi's blog, a cookie will be placed on your computer. Its purpose is to remember your setting for the text font size so that the next time you visit, it will be the same. If you visit the Spyware Warrior forum, you will also have a cookie placed.

If you want to manage all cookies, get CookieWall from


NetRN is 100% against spam. If you send email to me, I will not sell, give away or use your email address in any way except to possibly reply to your message. For info on dealing with spam, see my Fight Spam page.

If you visit NetRN with the intention of spamming me, be forwarned: If you spam me, I will do everything in my power to identify your IP address, your ISP and your email service; and I will sent complaints to them requesting that your accounts be immediately terminated. I will also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. If you appear to be promoting an illegal scam or business, I will also file a complaint with the FBI.


NetRN will not be responsible for any consequences of your use of any information contained on this site or linked sites. The risk of using any and all information found here lies entirely with the user.

Thank you for visiting NetRN and enjoy your stay.