Is Comet Cursor Spyware?
Notice - the comet cursor code has been removed from this page.  My apologies to anyone who had problems from this.

If your browser settings are not set to medium or high security you might  get the comet cursor spyware downloaded to your computer without yourexpress permission.  I have inserted the cute little cursor that  you see as a sunflower here.  It will turn your usual arrow cursor into a sunflower. 

If you do not see the sunflower it might be because I did not accept the download of the comet cursor
installation.  The HTML code for the sunflower cursor was copied and pasted from Comet's website  These are available free for anyone to use on their web pages.   

If your browser settings are set to medium or high security, you will get a pop-up box asking if you want to download comet cursor.  If your browser settings are set to medium low or low, you will most likely get it downloaded whether you want it or not.   If this happens see instructions below to remove it.

My question is this:  Why does Comet Cursor, or any other program, have the right to download itself into my computer without my express permisssion?  If I accidently forgot to secure my door at home one day, would that give anyone the right to come in and look around?  I think not!!

Not only that, but comet's software contains a little file that tries to phone home immediately after it is downloaded into your computer.  If you have a firewall running, you will get an alert immediately asking for permission for their file to access the internet.  The file will probably be named csi10.tmp or similar with a higher 2 digit number after the csi. 

If you do not have a firewall running, you should absolutely get one immediately.  You can download a great free firewall at:   
The creators of this cute little cursor are Comet Systems at

The company denies accusations that their software contains spyware, however there is much evidence to the contrary. 

The following article was recently published:,1294,52985,00.html

IIn addition, essentially every website devoted to research and the fight for Internet privacy lists comet cursor as spyware.   The list below was generated by a google search  "Is comet cursor spyware"  This is only a few out of more than 2,200 hits.,10738,2677247,00.html    
Note - this page contains an extensive listing. 
Comet Cursor is listed near the bottom of the list.
Read the information below and decide for yourself.

How to remove Comet Cursor

What Comet Systems Says about Itself
Other resources to fight spyware  

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Tell Comet Systems what you think of them!

These email addresses are listed on their website: 
privacy officer:
Email Comet Systems
See what Comet Systems says about spyware.
Webmistress at Work
For more information about safety on the web see  my computing page.

See my new page devoted to stopping spyware - No Spyware!
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